Project Name: Netherhall Chandelier

Location: Scotland

Date Completed: August 2016

Company Name: Quartz LC Ltd

Designer: David Brown

The Netherhall light was designed and built as a large chandelier with an aim to fit into a contemporary environment with a soft warm light. David Brown’s chandelier design is clad in bronze fine woven mesh with a light producing a warm silk-like effect to create a soft inviting ambience. The fitting is scaled to have presence and yet not over-dominate the environment which is fairly minimal. Unlike many chandelier products, their approach to this design is to keep the detailing and visual structure to the absolute minimum.

The woven bronze may be an industrial product used for filters, yet as a decorative material it is perfect for this lighting application. The translucency of the mesh plays down the fact that you can still see through the material but does not lose the ability to transmit light. With its versatility and simplicity being a favourite aspect of the designer, David Brown, the chandelier bridges the gap between industrial design and contemporary decoration.

As these products are custom built to a client’s specification, the scale can be tailored to any project requirements. The Netherhall Chandelier is also a product that can be fitted in a variety of ceiling height environments designed to float off the ceiling using vertical suspensions and ceiling fixings or from a central point. The cladding and shade materials have a choice of over 50 colours as standard. Quartz LC have developed a unique assembly method for both the crystal and the materials, being attached with injection moulded clear polycarbonate clips again keeping the design and visual detail to the absolute minimum.

The assembly on site is a very important aspect of any product, Quartz LC have taken specific care and attention to ensure that this is carried out with ease. Their ceiling plate is a 4-part assembly, with both decorative and structural components fitting together with engineered precision. The cable locking plate is designed to lock the electrical and suspension cables in place. The outer and inner ceiling cover plates are CNC cut and milled out of solid block aluminium along with a highly engineered mirror polished finish. With the highest quality LED, the fittings are dimmable and IP rated for bathrooms.

David Brown and his team at Quartz LC launched the Netherhall woven bronze chandelier at Decorex in September 2016 with very exciting results.