Project Name: Odessa

Location: Wiltshire, UK

Date Completed: September 2016

Company Name: Tom Faulkner

Designer: Tom Faulkner

Tom Faulkner’s Odessa cabinet is a beautiful and simple design wrapped in bronze with figured silver sycamore veneer and inlaid solid bronze detailing. The concept for Odessa was to make a cabinet that was both simple and luxurious, with a strong metal element to it. Inspiration was drawn from a trip to Europe and Russia and transformed into the Odessa cabinet – the patterns were inspired by a combination of vaulted church ceilings and Russian constructivist paintings.

“My favourite thing about this cabinet is the pattern. The tapering lines look quite random – some intersect, some don not, but I find them somehow incredibly pleasing to look at” – Tom Faulkner, Odessa Cabinet

There was tremendous skill in the precision of each of the bronze inlays and its ingenuity within the door mechanism. The thin line of the metal surround was said to also be difficult to realise as well. Tom Faulkner has designed a simple, strong and distinctive design shown through its beautiful detailing and well executed vision.