Project Name: Parlare Dining Chair

Location: The Lizard, Cornwall

Date Completed: 2014

Company Name: Sebastian Blakeley Design

Designer: Sebastian Blakeley

The Parlare chair is a distinctive design that sets itself apart from most other chair designs by the fact that; it does not adhere to any traditional form of construction, it uses three apparently unsupported elements that gain their strength through use of a common central point of gravity and that the combination and choice of materials is unusual and rare.
The ‘Parlare’ translates from the Italian ‘talking’, the idea being that this chair allows you to comfortably sit at a table and talk for hours, sharing in comfort. The Parlare was inspired by the fascination of counter balance and the challenge of designing a chair in a different way.

As an object that is used every day, chairs are so often just a remix of a remix, generally adhering to a rectangular or quad geometry. The challenge was to design a chair that cannot be tilted backwards, that encourages a good posture and does not break its joints through misuse. The main metallic element creates a dynamic line but is also the skeletal strength.

The quality of the craftsmanship of the wood work is stunning, combining traditional finger jointing for the front upright timber legs with the modern laminating technique for the back support. The timber is hand finished with natural oils and waxes. Tactile and embracing this ‘sculptural chair’ encourages conversation and the relationship between people around a dining table or in a conference room.

The best description this chair has been likened to is a ballerina ‘en point’. The grace and elegance yet the internal strength to express to the viewer what appears to be a weightless suspension of the body. The design works well due to the contrast of the materials. The tactile quality of the piece, its timeless presence and the curiosity of the suspended form, giving it a tremendous dynamic energy. The timber and cast metal legs do not need to be constructed with both the right and left hand but are interchangeable, decreasing the production process. Fundamentally this piece is extremely well thought out and ergonomic.

Sebastian Blakeley has designed this chair to suit any elegant dining room or alternatively around the conference table. Not only does it have a strong presence in any room, commanding dignity and pose. It provides great comfort whilst encouraging good posture. A fading concern with many modern chairs. The wood work, metal casting and traditional upholstery all require master craftsman skills. Sebastian Blakeley Design is a company that endeavours to use materials as true to their natural form as possible. Every effort is made to create with responsibility and respect for the natural resources of this planet.