Project Name: RMD Wall Panels

Category: Wallcovering

Company Name: The Panel Company

Designer: RMD Boards (JRD International)

The RMD Wall Panels provide a beautiful, relaxing and yet stimulating space in what would otherwise be a simple walk through whilst creating an outstanding space. The panels deliver a lasting high quality natural wood finish over a curved surface that will continue to look perfect for years in a high usage environment without the need for further maintenance. The installation has to be cost effective, ruling out wood itself, and installed quickly and efficiently. A difficult brief. The RMD panel is therefore the only solution that can deliver to the specification.

For every architect, interior decorator, builder or homemaker, the walls are like the blank canvas on which they manifest their dreams, class and lifestyle. They say, a wall speaks volumes about your style and personality. That’s why with RMD Wall Panels in was the perfect choice. The brief was to deliver a unique space. This was not a room but a walk-through and as such presented a unique design challenge. Within a room there is a wider opportunity to deliver a cohesive design that is, of itself, a complete and discrete theme. A space that people simply pass through, and yet has to deliver a positive impact without being intrusive; to be notable is difficult. The room has to incorporate light and dark shades as it is lit in a very contrasting way, with the light coming from one side of the corridor. The curved surface further provides challenges and opportunities. The surface has to be able to look stunning in both well-lit and less well-lit parts. It needs to enhance this wonderful opportunity without being either too light or dark and be able to look stunning throughout.

The brief was for a wood finish which is a notoriously wide brief and very easy to get wrong. With the RMD board the brief could be easily satisfied. An enormous range of finishes on a 3.2mm board gives exceptional flexibility. The boards themselves are flexible enough to wrap around a pillar and yet strong enough to provide the required hard wearing surface. Built in longevity was critical. Natural wood, in dry or otherwise challenging environments will tend to warp or discolour. With direct sunlight this degradation can occur in a short period of time. The RMD board has a 10 year guarantee and as such can deliver the low maintenance, long term and high quality finish that is required. Providing a unique finish in an amazingly quick time. The RMD board is revolutionary so that the project was probably unique. The boards are light and flexible making them extremely easy to work with. It is hard to think of an alternative product that could match this.

Delivering a beautiful wood finish over a curved surface that will stand the test of time and yet installed in no time at all works perfectly. The grain of the wood and the texture provide a truly realistic finish and allow for a large grain effect over a curved surface that would otherwise be unachievable. The design works so well because of the characteristics of the board. The RMD Board comes in 2.44m x 1.22m panels that are light flexible and easy to work with. Visually it is stunning but the qualities of the board that are unseen are equally important. The boards are unique in transferring the strength of the wall through their closed cell structure meaning that they will resist damage even in the highest intensity usage areas. They are highly scratch and tear resistant and also insulate both thermally and acoustically and of course are completely water resistant.

“They say imagination fuels ideas… but we believe an idea can also inspire imagination. With RMD Board, we aspire to re-define business and market trends; as well as give our customers the chance to experience Innovation… we are sure that RMD Board’s ability to save the forest and environment makes it the idea of the moment. It is superiority over the technologies and products that it replaces and the infinite possibilities of its applications exceed imagination and expectations.”

– The Panel Company, RMD Wall Panels