Project Name: Roos

Location: Portugal

Date Completed: 2016

Company Name: De Fontes

Designer: Marcelo Fernandes

De Fontes have designed and manufactured a magnificent table lamp with ornate glittering brass flowers surrounding its base as detail. Marcel Fernandes, the designer, created this piece as not only a lamp but as a piece of art imitating nature, fitted with a textured organza abat-jour. The designer’s favourite element of the Roos Lamp is said to be the sense of elegancy, nature and refinement encompassed into one single product. The designer believes that this piece is valuable because of its simple design. The combination of colours and materials were made and combined well, adhering to the female appearance whilst contrasting with the complexity of its construction.

The Roos lamp is able to suit any environment; with use in a classic ambiance or within a modern and contemporary setting. This piece will retain its strong presence. Every singular flower has been crafted and casted, delicately fixing them into the white wooden base.