Project Name: The Scarab Chair

Location: Egypt

Date Completed: January 2017

Company Name: Shosha Kamal Design House

Designer: Shosha Kamal

Illustrator: Akram Mohamed

4000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians created the science of Product Design. They excelled at designing everything and specifically furniture. However, this great art was born and died with their golden age. Until today there are almost no attempts to develop that great heritage of Art and Design. Unfortunately, it remains trapped within museums and media documentaries.

The Scarab Chair is part of a full furniture line that is the first attempt to resurrect the Ancient Egyptian design style, creating the first of its kind. Contemporary pharaonic design style inspired by an impressive visionary gold jewellery piece designed more than 3000 years ago, was found in King Tutankhamen tomb. The Scarab Chair, designed by Shosha Kamal and illustrated by Akram Mohamed, used the body of the scarab as the base point of the seat. The addition of the asymmetrical wing on one of the rounded sides was to create emphasis upon the modern structure.

The Scarab Chair is part of a visionary design movement intending to resurrect the Ancient Egyptian art and design, giving back its glory, and eventually leading to modern day design trends. Blending the greatness of Ancient Egyptian designs with the abstract lines of modern designs makes it a timeless piece, yet for everyday use in residential and commercial spaces. The choice of materials was crucial to communicate the luxury yet casual nature of the piece, the choice was metal coated in copper for the structure, and pure white leather for the seat. Apart from spreading an art that is about to become extinct, the Scarab chair is a modern design that will blend in any modern or traditional context.