Project Name: Stately Gloaming Home

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Date Completed: 2016

Architect: Gerald L. Forseth

This deliberate and exquisite lighting scheme showcases an extensive exterior design and build project of bespoke details, sympathetic craftsmanship, and careful landscaping. The client wanted to give their home’s exterior look a “refresh” that would fit their aesthetic and complement the location, Calgary’s elite Mount Royal neighbourhood. The front of the home is characterized by a grand stairway of 22 steps leading up to the bespoke etched glass front entry. This stairway was previously flanked by planter boxes, which had rotted and needed to be replaced. Non-permeable architectural boxes on an unexpectedly complex geometric design (when seen from above) were added to frame the stairs and guide the eye. The design and creation of a comprehensive lighting scheme for the entries, side walkways, roofline and garage doors and under-soffit edging brought an efficient and stylish new look to the home.

The client wanted beautifully crafted, long-lasting materials in this exterior renovation. Upon demolition of the existing exterior the framing was revealed to be crooked, and had to be furred out and levelled on every wall – an extensive fix. The rotten planter boxes were removed and rebuilt, then cased in stone, including limestone caps to ensure zero water penetration for decades to come. The geometry of the stairs’ side-terraces was architecturally complex, so the build had to be very precise. New fixtures and updated lighting design now illuminate the entire house and accentuate the stepped terraces and refined architectural details of the home. Rim lighting around the garage doors and strip lighting up the sides of the house accentuate the refreshed look the client wanted, while meeting the practical needs of safe wayfinding at night along the existing side sidewalks.

Kon-strux believe the design works so well because it is simple, and warm. The ground floor is amply lit for wayfinding at night and entertaining outdoors, while the upper levels are lit to highlight the horizontal elements of the structure, delighting the eye without glare or reflections. This lighting project illuminates the structure and conforms at 60% to the “dark skies” movement. The original architecture of this grand and stylish home is important in this project as it maintains a stylistic integrity with its neighbouring homes and the area as a whole. This residence is a piece of Calgary’s built history. Kon-strux were cognizant of its significance and designed the exterior to embody understated opulence, solid style, and clean lines.