Project Name: Swing Sofa

Location: Singapore

Date Completed: March 2017

Company Name: Design Intervention

Designer: Design Intervention

A classic Indian wooden swing has been reinterpreted for the 21st century. It is every bit as fun as the original ethnic version but Design Intervention’s version is far more streamlined and fresh. Formed in blackened steel, and upholstered in vibrant, punchy fabrics this piece resonates with a fun, happy vibe.

The idea for this piece was inspired by the wooden swings, often featured in classic Bollywood musical movies where heroes would serenade their heroines whilst swinging softly to the Bollywood beat. The brief for this sofa was to create a whimsical piece with a fun, carefree vibe. The client wanted a statement piece to fill the entrance hall of his home. Positioned directly in line with the main door. This sofa is the first sight that greets you as you enter the home. It welcomes guests with a cheerful wink and never fails to initiate a smile.

The designer’s favourite aspect of this piece is said to be how the Tromp d”oeil design on the fabric echoes the glorious skyline view behind. It is a design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is a cheerfulness to this piece that is as fun as it is fabulous. As you sit on the swing sofa, it gives a sense of serenity and relaxation. The sunset sky was the inspiration for the colour palette. Design Intervention had to work with 3 different craftsmen to create this piece. The frame of the sofa is wood and then upholstered in a classic style but set into a blackened metal frame that was formed in a metal workshop.