Project Name: Swiss Spirit

Location: Verbier, Switzerland

Company Name: CP Design

Designer: Cittolin Polli

Cittolin Polli Design have designed and manufactured a table using wooden beams previously from old traditional Swiss chalets that date over 150 years old. The Swiss Spirit table was made using old wooden logs cut with an axe which have been recovered from old chalets typical of the Swiss Alps. This 150-year-old wood has been reinterpreted by simple shades and shapes whilst highlighting the design and practicality by the use of a glass top. Remains of time can be seen on the table which added to its history. A few marked inscriptions can be seen, as the beams were taken from different rooms within the old Swiss chalets.

The designer’s favourite aspect of this design is the use of aged elements, typical to the Swiss area, to achieve a modern object. Local craftsmen used special artisan skills to construct the old wood beams into the designs of Cittolin Polli. By listening to the vernacular of the chalets Cittolin Polli realised that one of their trademarks is to create an atmosphere with the respect if the Swiss traditions whilst bringing a touch of design and retaining its cosy ambience.