Project Name: Viceroy Dining Table

Location: New York

Date Completed: January 2017

Company Name: Kavante

Designer: Kim Price

Mimicking the Viceroy Butterfly, the Viceroy Dining Table commands attention while displaying a restrained beauty and strength in design. This avant-garde art form fuses Cubism with Mid Century Modern through traditional hand-craftsmanship to create a whimsical sense of movement and play. The design is both visually striking and delicately balanced, proving that appearances are, in fact, deceiving at times. Equally comfortable holding a family dinner or a boardroom meeting, the Viceroy Dining Table takes advantage of negative space to allow the rest of the room to breathe freely.

Kim Price, KAVANTE designer, has created a piece both visually delicate and physically resilient, proving that appearances are, in fact, deceiving at times. The Viceroy Dining Table is a premier example of high style and traditional hand-craftsmanship. An homage to Art Deco design, the Viceroy Dining Table is a study in geometric form through function sporting tailored lines and exquisite materials with a geometric motif throughout. Shown in Stonewashed Grey Oak and Espresso Oak, the Viceroy Dining Table is part of the KAVANTE Collection in New York and is available in a variety of custom sizes and finish options.

When working with an Interior Designer or Architect, it is important to keep their end user in mind. Designer, Kim Price, likes to ask: who am I designing for? does the design help
solve a problem? does it inspire? These are some of the questions that guide her in the design process and likes to think of how she can positively impact the user’s everyday life with her designs. Creating pieces that she hopes draw a real connection with someone because there is an emotional connection for her when she creates them. One of Kim Price’s goals is for the user to experience that connection.

With KAVANTE, the designer wanted to create innovative design solutions anchored in a commitment to quality and personalised service for their clients.

“To me, breathing life into good design starts with the materials. Using the highest quality materials, and work with top craftsmen. A product designer at heart, I love exploring what can be done through combining materials and manufacturing processes in fun and innovative ways even when crafting the smallest detail. My designs are bold, yet they do not detract from their surrounding environment.”
– Kim Price, Designer KAVANTE

The quality of a product is very important to the company. Focusing on creating designs that are timeless and built to last. At KAVANTE, they are committed to the environment and strive to create better design through the use of sustainable veneers and core materials like the Stonewashed Grey Oak top and Espresso Oak base on the Viceroy Dining Table. To Kim Price, furniture is an extension of oneself, shaping everyday life, complementing one’s character, and growing finer in time. Many years from now, she would be delighted to know
that her furniture designs are being passed down through families for generations.