Project Name: Zephyr

Location: Fairmont Hotel, St. Andrews, Scotland

Date completed: 20th March 2017

Interior Designer: RPW Design

Architect: RPW Design

Zephyr was designed in collaboration with the Berlin-based computer code writing company, Onformative. We managed to create a truly-organic form before building an app in order to position twenty-thousand steel disks in their own unique positions. Create an installation which reflects the beauty, energy, and dynamism of the surrounding countryside of St Andrews Bay, Scotland. Inspiration was taken from the rolling hills, the murmurings of starlings, the long grasses blowing in the wind, the enormous cloud formations, and the crashing waves on the rugged coastline.

The colour of the installation must compliment the colour scheme of the interior and is to be illuminated with LED spot lights. The installation must fill the full sixty-meter-length of the atrium, be eight meters wide and five meters deep. George Singer’s favourite aspect of the project was the use of computer code-writing to create the truly organic form and that the steel disks are so thin they do not collect dust. One of the biggest challenges for this project was the fitting on the twenty-thousand steel disks, trained designers were required to fit the steel disks to wire by hand.

The design works so well for two main reasons. The first, by using twenty-thousand steel disks, the installation really fills the space and allows the atrium to feel more intimate. Secondly, people see many different things within the aesthetic of the installation which creates a lot of interest. The aesthetic of the installation really reflects the surrounding countryside. The colours beautifully compliment the surface finishes and furniture in the space.

“It was a real pleasure to work on a project of this scale. Zephyr has transformed my business and I very much look forward to carrying out similar projects in the future.” – George Singer