Project Name: Barrell
Date Completed: December 2017
Submitted By: Baran Akalin Design
Interior Designer: Baran Akalin
Exterior Designer: Baran Akalin

Project Barrell aims to be the most powerful and the fastest yacht in her category, incorporating maximum comfort and technology with strong classic features. The design encompasses classic and aggressive lines applied to a modern style, creating a ‘muscle yacht’. Her goal is to bring a new perspective by the mixing of a yacht and a fast-tender concept. She has unique double platforms that can be closed and secure while cruising and open whilst staying still. Baran Akalin designed transom doors to opens, whilst another platform automatically slides through as a flat surface.

There are air intakes on each side of the vessel to keep the engine and engine room cool, with air and exhaust outlets placed on the transom doors. The lights on the port and starboard sides can also be used as navigation lights. A special feature has been added so that the lights turn to red once the boat reaches 50 knots speed. With a deep V hull, Barrell’s 20 metre body is made from aluminium, making her firm and cool quickly. The designed deck area has been covered by a soft non-absorbent closed cell. On board behind the captain’s seat, there is an invisible countertop and interior entrance on the right hand of the console. Baran Akalin has installed a full touch screen on the console and the transom doors to control everything onboard the boat.

Project Barrell can host up to 12 people on board. The interior has a saloon, master cabin, two guest cabins, galley, and two bathrooms. It was important when designing to mix the classic and modern style, by adding 3 x 2500hp engine power, bringing a new type of power yacht into the market. Barrell is one of a kind that mixes very strong features with a large comfort area, she has a unique style that brings classic lines into current technology.