Project Name: Concept Yacht
Date Completed: 2015
Submitted By: Peugeot Design Lab
Exterior Designer: Thomas Rohm

Peugeot Design Lab’s concept of a monocoque 30 metre sailing boat offers a unique architecture, combining elegance with an ease of use. The roof integrates very long flush glazed surfaces, providing an exceptional level of natural interior light, worthy of a loft. The cabin spaces are positioned below the bridge, covered in wood. The rigging is built in under the bridge, opening space and allowing completely free and safe movement on the boat. Automatic reels store the ropes, and electric winches allow fine control of the boat. Its great simplicity in use and control delivers great pleasure and safety on board without sacrificing performance or style. This sailing boat offers a unique architecture which integrates the roof perfectly in the line of the shell and combines design and pleasure to sail.

Peugeot is a company of more than 200 years old. Peugeot embarked on the path to manufacturing in 1810 with the creation of a steel foundry. The reputation of the tools and coffee mills emerging from these factories built the brand’s renown. The arrival of cycles then automobiles changed the company into a leading manufacturing group. This passing of time means an accumulation of knowledge and experiences and reveals an aptitude to listen and to adapt based on solid, responsible, and forward looking values.

Peugeot recently entered the design consultancy market in 2012 with the launch of its global brand design studio specializing in non-automotive objects: Peugeot Design Lab. In this new business, Peugeot Design Lab is making full use of the knowledge acquired from these over 200 years of industrial experience and innovation and brand management. Peugeot Design Lab strives to develop unique brand experiences and products for its clients through its Global Brand Design strategy, taking advantages of the unparalleled resources and expertise of a global automotive brand.