Project Name: Contemporary Bombardier Global Express Completion
Date Delivered: August 2016
Completion Centre: Duncan Aviation, Lincoln, Nebraska
Interior Designer: Mary Lee
Exterior Designer: Mary Lee

Inspired by the owner’s expectations of creating a high-end experience coupled with sleek, simple lines, Duncan Aviation Senior Designer Mary Lee transformed the interior of this Bombardier Global Express from its traditional, outdated neutral environment to one of modern luxury. In order to create a truly unique experience for the owner, the design concept began by incorporating blue carbon fibre and painted cabinetry in place of traditional wood veneer. The blue carbon fibre served as the unifying element to achieve balance throughout the cabin and was the focal point of the bulkhead dividers.

No detail was overlooked. The certified, Duncan Aviation-designed and fabricated stainless-steel steps provide a dramatic entrance to the Global. In the interior, from angled touch-screen bezels to chrome inlay details, numerous custom parts were designed and manufactured by Duncan Aviation’s in-house fabrications team to meet the customer’s expectations. Blue LED-illuminated cupholders, an exclusive Duncan Aviation design, were incorporated into the drink rail working in conjunction with the ambient blue floor lighting, adding detail to the overall experience.

Carrying through some of the more eye-catching details from the interior to the exterior, Lee’s one-of-a-kind, striking paint scheme is designed to be noticed. The exterior paint colours were also selected to be harmonious with the interior colour palette. The sleek arched stripe scheme incorporates elements of the owner’s logo to complete the personalised image. The design works well as the use of the blue carbon fibre was integral to the overall design. It is a unique and beautiful material that was used conservatively for the ultimate effect. Complementary materials of granite, silver painted cabinetry, brushed aluminium and polished chrome in conjunction with blue LED accent lighting in the cup holders and at the floor were combined to highlight its use. The result is a beautiful integration of blue illumination throughout the entire aircraft.

The designers’ favourite aspect is said to have be the custom designed and fabricated Sport-style drink rails for the jet interior. Highlights include custom black powder coated switch bezels with polished chrome trim, blue carbon fibre, storage compartments and USB charging stations concealed under a sliding, leather-covered lid, and exclusive Duncan Aviation-designed, illuminated dual cup holders.

The level of detail is astounding. For example, on the cupholders, Mary Lee worked very closely with Duncan Aviation’s internal fabrication group to achieve the exact desired result, keeping the blue LED ring of light within the cupholder to a minimum while reducing unwanted reflections through the selected black powder coated finish inside the cupholder. Full dimming capabilities were also integrated into the design with the new Cabin Management System.