Project Name: F. List ® Heated Stone Flooring
Date Completed: 2017
Submitted By: F. List Gmbh
Designer: F. List Gmbh

F/List have designed a real stone flooring with integrated heating at any preset temperature between 23 and 33 °C. The design is thin and lightweight, easy to install, resilient, durable, elegant and customizable with marquetry and engravings. With F.List ® Heated Stone Flooring, the Austrian family company, F/List, has created the first fully certifiable real stone flooring with integrated heating for aircraft cabins. It combines the comfort of underfloor heating with all the advantages of stone flooring, in a space and weight saving product for aircraft cabins, in a way that is a true innovation in the aviation industry.

Thanks to the flooring concept’s lightweight construction and ingenious fastening system, the tiles can be optimally installed in all areas of business and private aircraft. Thus, all floor geometries can be heated, and it is possible to combine heated and non-heated tiles. Heating system and signal processing are integrated in the floor tile construction and connected to the aircraft’s electronic systems via an interface harness.
The “floating installation” of the flooring is able to balance out movements and deformations. The tiles are attached to the aircraft floor by hook-and-loop tapes. This also avoids possible damage of the floor tiles by movement. The tapes are optimized to withstand high levels of g-force and can be repeatedly fastened and detached. The connection system between the individual tiles is completely invisible. The special clamping hardware avoids open joints and guarantees that there are no height differences between the single tiles. To cover the gap between cabinet toe kick and stone floor, F/List offers different edge sealing concepts like micro-lumber and painted foam edges or silicone profiles in different colours matching the look of the stone.

The flooring complies with all safety regulations, achieving peak weight reduction per square metre while still maintaining a massive stone appearance. Despite the integrated heating, the minimum thickness of the stone floor panels is only about 14.4 mm (0.57’’), which is only 0.8 mm thicker than non-heated stone flooring, with a maximum tile size of 1 m² (10.76 ft²). The exact measurements of each tile are tailored to the specific requirements and dimensions of the aircraft. Therefore, a dedicated tiling concept is engineered for each individual heated stone flooring request.

F.List ® Heated Stone Flooring is available in a multitude of stone types and designs, or can be customised according to individual taste. It is a hygienic alternative to conventional carpeting, especially in wet areas, while adding a heightened aesthetic touch and comfortable heating. Customers can choose from 11 stone types, round or square tiles.

F.List ® Heated Stone Flooring resulted from the combined efforts of R&D, skilled joiners and of course masons and stone experts to select the perfect slabs for all design and tiling specifications. For marquetry’s, the hands of skilled marquetry-makers are required, engravings necessitate the work of graphic designers to draft the template for the laser engraving process.