Project Name: Felci 65
Date Completed: July 2018
Submitted By: Felci Yachts
Shipyard: Persico Marine
Interior Designer: Felci Yachts
Exterior Designer: Felci Yachts

The request from the owner, a man of great nautical experience, has been to design an ultra-performing boat that is extremely comfortable and very elegant. The new Felci 65 combines sea worthiness qualities as well as speed with safety and ease of handling. All of this has been characterized by a high level of innovation and elegance.

In this case, Felci Yachts would like to say thank you to the construction entrusted to Persico Marine. Working together they have been able to create a truly unique yacht that is equipped with an innovative and aggressive external style and a modern and elegant interior architecture. The interior design, very classic and linear, combines natural teak surfaces, lacquered panels, precious materials and finishes of the highest level.

The hull, the result of the experience and the most recent fluid dynamic research, is characterized by a reduced wave resistance, while the appendages, thanks to their highly efficient profiles and high aspect/ratio, provide high lift and high righting moment. These features translate into high speed and comfort of navigation, and of course in safety, which is always one of their main targets. Due to the structure being made entirely out of carbon, this yacht was designed to ensure the highest safety standards. Felci 65 was created to allow the owner to race at high levels and even in demanding conditions.

The search for the minimal deformation of the yacht under load was one of the key elements during the structural design. This also involved its integration with the interiors that led the structure to become a component of the furniture itself. The Felci 65 by Persico is the latest expression of high performance, elegance and comfort in one fascinating sailing yacht.