Project Name: Italia
Date Completed: 2017
Submitted By: PC Design
Shipyard: PC Design
Interior Designer: PC Design
Exterior Designer: PC Design

ITALIA is 25M hyper yacht made in Italy by PC Design. A hyper yacht combines high performance with the fascination of a masterpiece, able to exceed the limit of 50 knots, and at the same time offers luxurious and refined interiors. Partly sculpture and partly fighter aircraft, ITALIA is simply one of a kind. There appears to be a general and radical dissimilarity within the design of the superstructure design, air intakes and the arrangement of the main deck. Unlike designers that focus on the shape in a pure, simple stylistic way, PC Design proposes a new solution, a new idea that reflects in a unique product, original and innovative, where functionality, comfort, performance and design meets.

ITALIA is not just a boat, it is an exclusive craft in which everything onboard is unique. The yacht combines engineering and science, aesthetics and art: outstanding power and performance correspond with special and unique emotions and experiences. At sea, you will almost never catch sight of ITALIA and that is part of its charm. If you get the chance to see it, when its gull-wing doors open, everything else will disappear.

PC Design is an Italian design studio founded in 2014 by the designers Matteo Cappellazzo and Mattia Piro. With years of experience and a relevant academic background, PC Design’s activities specialise in luxury yacht and interior design. The studio also deals with commercial and professional vessels and ships, residential and architectural interior design, product design for custom and unique creations. PC Design’s skills range from exterior and interior conceptual styling to general arrangements, technical and working drawings editing, passing through advanced 3D modelling, photorealistic rendering, furniture, colours, materials, finishings, graphics and works presentation, project management and planning.