Project Name: Let Us Recomplete You
Date Delivered: August 2016
Submitted By: Jet Aviation
Completion Centre: Jet Aviation
Interior Designer: Jetaviation Refurbishment Interior Design Team
Exterior Designer: Jetaviation Refurbishment Interior Design Team

Jet Aviation Refurbishment Interior Design Team were requested to complete an interior design concept of a Falcon 7X by a maintenance client who instructed Jet Aviation to “hit him with their best shot”. The design team created a completely new cabin without any structural modifications. To achieve this re-completion, they designed existing fixtures in the cabin using luxurious materials and exotic textures that reflected the clients personal style along with interpreting existing volumes in new contexts.

Since the assignment was a refurbishment project, the design team were very limited concerning the budget, ground time for the completion and technical feasibility. These challenges turned into one of the design teams’ favourite aspects as they managed to change the visual aspects and haptic finishings within all the tough constraints.

The cabin harmonises different textures and material finishes. The hard and cold metal surfaces work well in contrast to the fluffy carpet whilst complementing the soft and plain leather in combination with the fashion-like rough fabric. The carpet combines compositions of a multiple-cross pattern base which features a free-form camouflage design reflected in the colour. The re-completion was a constant play between geometric, repetitive patterns and organic designs.

Based in Switzerland, Jet Aviation opened the Refurbishment Design Studio in 2012. Now headed up by Simon Koenig, the design studio provides clients with outstanding interior design and re-completions.