Project Name: Lyon’s Pride
Date Completed: November 2017
Submitted By: Westport Yachts
Shipyard: Westport Yachts
Interior Designer: Westport Yachts
Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts

After several years of research, the clients became interested in Westport Yachts, when considering building a new vessel in the 100’ size range. Their requirements revolved around the need of a yacht capable of voyages cruising through the Bahamas, Caribbean and continental North American waters. The interior and exterior entertainment areas were very important to them and accommodation for 8 guests with up to 5 crew were the stipulated parameters for spacious entertaining.

While aesthetics and modern designs were highly important, naval architectural knowledge, quality of construction, reputation, reliability and eventual resale drove the client’s decision to entrust Westport with their vision. Having a background in engineering and use as an owner operator, the client was impressed with the 112 Westport and the yard’s ability to integrate the best mechanical and electrical systems with a crew-friendly, low draft, fast and sea-friendly hull.

Westport’s interior design team worked with the clients to produce a modern interior and were impressed with the fit and finish which far exceeded what most all other builders typically produce. Westport delivered a product far exceeding the stringent expectations. Lyon’s Pride uses the first hull of the newly styled W112. As a series builder, Westport invest heavily in its hull design, tooling and process flow to ensure first time through accuracy, superior fit and finish and detail. Focusing on quality, efficiency and design, the W112 balances the best in performance, safety and value.

Since 1964 Westport has taken a long-term view of the future and invested heavily in people, design, naval architecture, infrastructure, engineering and proven technologies to secure their position at the forefront of the industry. Westport were among the first to recognize the attributes of all composite construction and have worked closely with the composites industry, even pioneering new techniques and materials, Westport is unsurpassed in the application of computer-aided designs and manufacturing methods and unmatched in this precision of tooling patterns and finish parts, fundamental to a first-class build.

The astounding quality of materials, one-of-a-kind finishes and exquisite inlays are showcased throughout the W112. Every area has been carefully thought out and the most modern communication and entertainment systems ensure the ultimate in guest comfort. The purchase of a Westport yacht brings with it long-term benefits and over 50 years’ experience in proven yacht building.