Project Name: Mood
Date Completed: 2016
Submitted by: Nanz
Designer: Nanz

Charged with the task of designing yacht hardware, our engineers developed a highly resilient line that is nearly immune to the challenges posed by sea air and salt spray. NANZ created patented products containing rare earth magnets and pneumatic springs that are particularly apt for yachts by combining non-ferrous brass and stainless-steel components, with mechanisms that are over-engineered for long, maintenance-free operation. To further bolster durability, NANZ can provide yacht hardware in our strongest available PVD finishes, ensuring a lifetime guarantee.

At NANZ, the hardware manufacturing company, every facet of manufacturing is carried out with pride and dedication by a NANZ employee. As they have always made their products they are consequently experts in design, engineering, casting, machining and finishing. NANZ manufactures products which look more appealing, work better and last longer.

They are proud of their manufacturing facility. It is clean and organised and was designed to be both environmentally friendly and a cheerful inspiring place for the large workforce to create the beautiful hardware that NANZ is known for. The factory exemplifies the professionalism, craftsmanship and capacity that are synonymous with the brand.