Project Name: Nacre
Date Completed: 2020
Submitted By: Sarp Yachts
Shipyard: Sarp Yachts
Interior Designer: TBD
Exterior Designer: Hot Lab Yacht & Design

Nacre forms the heart of a pearl’s beauty; the beautiful crystalline shine that gives pearls their lustre, the iridescence that has beguiled mankind for generations. Sarp Yachts has named its next generation yacht after this highly prized, strong and resilient treasure. Nacre is a sleek, luminous yacht with every luxury imaginable. Its technological superiority is matched by the beauty of its hand-worked craftsmanship, including exquisite inlays of lustrous nacre throughout the interior. The exterior design of Nacre is typically evergreen. The bow is classic without following the last trends, and generally the design is a balance between elegance, sporty, modern and classic. The exterior design of Nacre highlights elements of strong stylistic contrast functionality and pure forms of beauty.

Despite all the inspiration, some other details are a typical of a modern motor yacht, such as the master suite volume, completely dedicated to the owner. The big side windows surrounding structure, as well as the private balcony, accommodate large recessed volumes giving great lightness and visibility from the inside-out. All technical areas, hosting the rescue tender, jet skis and the mooring, are completely concealed, not to invade the owner’s privacy at any time. The aft layout is classic, the stairs connect the big platform to the main deck. The tender garage porthole is on the side, for this reason there is a comfortable gym area in the beach club. There are two pools; the bigger one is on the sun deck, connected with a big sun bed area. The second one is more privacy friendly; it is located forward to the wheel house.

The windows of the main saloon are full height, and also the exterior design allows the view from inside to outside. The owner suite is big and is located forward on the main deck with a private balcony. This area is “wide body”, the windows are big enough for having a lot of natural light from the outside, but the design is fluent and elegant. The aft section of the upper deck is inspirited by the car design, and the windscreen is backward for having a big “bonnet” forward. These details make the design of the yacht a bit sporty without losing elegance. The upper sky lounge is “wide body” as well, the windows are almost totally full height and the structure is slim. This layout allows 270° of free view from inside. The sun deck is big in comparison with the size of the yacht. There is space even for the lift, so it is possible to connect four decks without using the staircase.

Nacre offers any most requested features in a classic three deck layout. The design is a balance between sporty and elegant, the style feeling is clearly modern and suitable for a 2020 motor yacht, but still timeless. Generally, the design allows lightness and visibility from inside to outside, even vertically through skylights. The hull form is designed to be of the round bilge, displacement type form, an integrated swim platform with a classic bow. The hull is optimised with due regard to the following parameters; displacement requirements, sea keeping, speed requirements & fuel efficiency and vessel’s autonomy, stability requirements and aesthetics.

Sarp Yachts have state-of-the art engineering. Every detail is thorough and tested so that the framework behind the luxury is reliable. On this framework Sarp Yachts integrate the most exquisite finery, the most spectacular effects and the most innovative systems. They can include them all because of their thorough understanding and exhaustive testing of engineering and design principles. The most important thing is to forecast where customers are moving and to be ahead of them. This design provides the customer maximum luxury and joy with the future technology in every possible way and comforts with the timeless classic look which involves all the requirements of a buyer for this range.

Starting from the general plan the designers may find some elements which immediately recall its spirit: huge exterior space and quite a different use of the interior decks. Sarp Yachts may in fact find 3 full beam big suites: two VIP suites in the lower deck and of course the master cabin, one more deck higher, with an incredible view towards the sea and any landscape this yacht be cruising by. More than this they also may find three more double/twin cabins: two in the lower deck and one in the up-front main deck. This combination still leaves the crew an unreachable amount of space: 7 crew cabins, 1 captain’s cabin, loading –handling space with a loading hatch, big seating crew mess and of course a full tank deck dedicated to services, from laundry to dry and freezer storage. Two saloons, interior and exterior areas lots of semi-private spots complete general view of this boat.