Project Name: The Natural Collection 2018
Date Completed: July 2017
Submitted By: Air-Craftglass Inc.
Designer: Frans van Hapert

Air-Craftglass Inc. is a developer and producer of real glass solutions for the aircraft industry which will meet all the criteria to be certified both for VIP and Commercial use. Besides mirrors and transparencies in real glass, which are produced with their patented laminating system, they will introduce for 2018 a collection of over 300 different real wood veneers, covered with ultra-thin glass which will meet the stringent fire and mechanical tests. Nowadays the market has only a choice of around 12 different kind of woods, Air-Craftglass Inc. will offer over 300. They will pass also V60 and 65/65 heat release which opens the doors for designers and architects to use real wood not only in VIP aircraft but also in commercial aircraft.

Until today, this was not possible and Air-Craftglass’s line of products; named the “Natural Collection”, is therefore a real game changer. With the top layer of chemically tempered glass there will be a 100% flat surface (which can only be reached by very expensive traditional painting methods) which is also scratch resistant, UV resistant and easy to clean. Due to the patented production technology, the designers can offer this line of product for a variety of consumers makes it possible to open new market areas like using real wood solutions for commercial aircraft which was, due to certification reasons, not possible before.

The Natural Collection was developed for architects and designers and opens a new opening of possibilities using real wood veneers. With this collection, the interior of an aircraft will be changed offering clients a flight experience which was not seen before. The Natural Collection 2018 will be a real game changer for the aircraft industry! Natural Collection 2018: a collection of over 300 different wood veneers covered with a layer of ultra-thin real glass.

The designer’s favourite aspect of this collection is that this line of products will open new possibilities and will definitively change the interior of an aircraft interior, both for VIP and Commercial use. It is a very cost-efficient product which makes it possible to use real wood for certain areas. It is said to be one of the most interesting products developed in the last few years especially for the aircraft industry. Due to the time and cost consuming processes for those new products, which can really change the look and feel of an aircraft interior in the near future, this will not happen every year.

Besides Aircraft use, this product is also very interesting for the superyacht industry as the upcoming “P.Y.C.” rules and norms are coming soon and the market has just a limited answer to that as they are still working on a very traditional way with real wood which are still burning and will not meet these norms. Definitively the market for the aircraft and superyachts will dramatically change and their line of products will give the correct answer. At this moment, there is nobody in the world which has a similar product or technique which enables the use of real wood in line with all certifications rules which are already applicable (aircraft industry) or will come soon (superyachts).