Project Name: Odessa III
Date Completed: 2017
Submitted By: Sterling / Scott and McFarlane ShipDesign
Exterior Designer: Sterling / Scott
Designer: Anna Corona Designs

Organic flowing lines of grace and femininity elevate mega-yacht ODESSA III, a high volume 147m mega-yacht into an icon of radiant beauty and elegance. Designed by world famous Sterling / Scott, she embodies natural form that not only speaks to us but also does so with an intuitively peaceful presence. Her movement through the seas, as designed by world renowned McFarlane ShipDesign, evokes a powerful yet blissful momentum with equal ease and breathtaking finesse, to that of her exciting aesthetics.

ODESSA III’s presence off the coast of any raw or luxurious destination, not only enhances their beauty but also adds to it with her sophisticated yet sleek form. This is achieved through the fluid lines that compliment spectacular surroundings. The euphoria of owning ODESSA III is a synergy between lifestyle, space and an absolute vision of infinite imagination, with the interior designed by the creative genius Anna Corona Designs.

147m ODESSA III was designed with a family in mind, creating opulent spaces filled with light and a clear perspective of the ocean. She is like an island that moves and tells the tales of enticing new destinations every day. ODESSA III’s environmental aspects incorporate the highest technologies. With that said, even the most youthful of guests can enjoy embracing the seas with an onboard sea laboratory and ocean mapping equipment. Organic gardens grace every deck with accessibility to grow plants, touch foliage and live amongst land-based vegetation whilst being at sea.

The design features two helicopter pads, on-board swimming/hot tub areas and multiple lounging spaces to relax and socialise with friends and family. The helipad situated at the aft of the yacht is able to retract and transform to an on-board tennis and basketball court. The main salon on the upper deck features a panoramic window and circular skylight allowing maximum natural light as well as taking in the surrounding views. The design includes a small tender boat located on the port side of the vessel and on the starboard, a collection of hydraulic doors, which when opened, transform into balconies extending the interior/exterior space.
For those who have worked on the ODESSA III project, the joy in designing and planning her encompassed a feeling of sheer delight and joy, which we all will remember.