Project Name: SeAnne
Date Completed: 2017
Submitted By: Preciosa Lighting
Interior Designer: Preciosa Design Team

Preciosa Lighting presents a lighting installation of exquisite technical detail that offers graceful movement and vibrant intrigue. Each of the hundreds of crystal pieces are handmade by a glass master, sandblasted and fixed in its designated place to create a beautiful suspended assembly. Elliptical openings catch the light, contrasting with the more delicate glow of the piece as a whole.

SeAnne is a stationary installation that creates the illusion of underwater wave movement. A key design element is the crystal components which have been frosted from the outside but remain clear from the inside, and their specific arrangement which creates the mesmerising wave-like effect. Each component has been crafted by different professionals at every stage of its making, using both age-old and contemporary solutions, so that the centuries-old tradition of chandelier production is in keeping with the latest technology. There are unlimited possibilities to make every interior scheme unique with this piece. It can be used as a dominant element or to set the mood of the space.

“At the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, we are showing an installation called SeAnne. It is inspired by the movement of the underwater world. The orientation of different components creates the wave-like movement. We used crystal clear components which are frosted from the outside but clear from the inside, to maintain the shimmering effect.” Said Creative Director Michael Vasku.

Vasku & Klug Studio – Preciosa Lighting, was founded in 2011. The Studio collaborates with clients worldwide, in architecture, interior design and exhibition architecture projects. Central to its work is the concept of ‘total design’: every project detail, from the lighting to the graphics and media, is overseen. This comprehensive presence through all planning and production stages ensures a project’s totality, bringing it together seamlessly, with perfect connectivity.