Project Name: Space
Submitted By: AIM Altitude
Completion centre: AIM Altitude
Interior Designer: Ross Burns

This entry space allows passengers to board the aircraft in spectacular style. The concept promotes the ideas of being dynamic, immersive and multi-functional. The layout consists of a FWD facing half height trolley monument with incorporated curved OLED screen partition. This is a ‘flex’ unit that can slide its partition up and down, depending on what stage of flight the passengers are in, (night = up) (dinning = down). Discreet decorative latches and modern work deck materials have aided the area to feel less hostile and more familiar to residential interior furniture.

To the rear there is a upgraded galley unit that consists of aesthetically appealing trolley/meal box doors. As well as aisle modules boasting passenger destination features.Upon entry you are greeted with an interactive screen stating personal seat information and flight details. Airline branding / duty free adverts / travel promotions can all be utilised through this media real-estate.

On the opposite side you are presented with an elegant ‘snack rack’ that allows passengers to have a self-service option when they require a quick treat. Dramatic flooring and ceiling lighting effect have been used to focus passengers into this useable area. Making it feel less intimating during the flight. Uplifting monuments mixed with emotional lighting effects promote a calming / refreshing environment to the business class customer.