Project Name: XSR 85
Date Completed: July 2019
Submitted By: Sarp Yachts
Shipyard: Sarp Yachts
Interior Designer: Red Yacht Design
Exterior Designer: Red Yacht Design

In light of their environmentally friendly vision and high-level engineering background, Sarp Yachts proudly present its brand new hybrid propulsion concept yacht family. They have great passion for nature and are concerned about water and air pollution. Yachts with conventional propulsion systems may not be the first guilty party for the increasing pollution, but as a pioneering shipyard, Sarp Yachts is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment. Therefore XSR 85 will be built with the parallel hybrid propulsion systems; the best alternative for the fossil fuels. The hybrid propulsion system enables you to avoid the noise, vibrations, emissions and expense of running your diesel generators at anchor.

The design inspiration comes from nature. With an aim to integrate enclosed spaces with more light and functional flexibility with green technology. The main focus was the owner’s freedom and flexibility on board. For achieving this, the designers have made full glass living areas and spacious exteriors with loose furniture. The key element of the design is the architectural glass arrangement which surround the entire salon, giving great lightness and visibility from the inside-out giving the owner, a unique open deck feeling. The bar and large sunbathing areas at Flybridge and Jacuzzi on the foredeck maximize the outdoor pleasure.
The most unique aspects of the XSR Series is the use of extensive glass integrated with the superstructure giving the project the architectural touch and; the hybrid propulsion which means this system enables you to avoid the noise, vibrations, emissions and expense of running your diesel generators at anchor. Sarp Yachts is specialised in composite materials and have great knowledge about assembly of the hard projects such as their last yacht, multi-award winner La Passion. Their quality vision is the driving force for the perfect engineering and design. The idea behind XSR Series is all about green technology, from design philosophy to the engineering details, they want to take the level to the highest quality with the use of current and future technology in every possible way. Sarp Yachts wanted to achieve both green technology and stylish design at the same time without giving zero compromise from customers’ luxury.

The main challenge was making a design with architectural glass without losing the exterior styling proportions; to give the design a sophisticated look but still feel simple overall. Hybrid propulsion systems features are hard to archive the aimed target at this yacht range and systems suppliers and industry potentials are in progress in specific points, this also affects design process. The hull of XSR Series is GRP Sandwich construction and superstructure will be full Carbon Structure for the lightness and stiffness needed for the maximum speed. The yacht will use infusion technique as the best production method for the composites. Hull is developed with the patented ‘Fast Displacement Hull Form’ or FDHF. The development of this concept was triggered by the desire to develop a hull form that is efficient over the entire speed range and not only in a restricted speed interval around the maximum speed. Other benefits include significantly increased comfort on-board with better sea keeping and wave reduction. Particularly when compared to hard chine vessels, the FDHF showed improved sea keeping behaviour and manoeuvrability, as well as a reduced sensitivity to an increase in the weight of the vessel. By using parallel hybrid propulsion systems, you can make slow cruises by utilising electric propulsion with nearly zero cost! The system will allow for more space in the accommodation areas than a yacht at the same length. Smaller diesel engines will be used and the electric engines are small in themselves which allows the possibility for an additional cabin or much bigger master cabin. Electric engines operate silently with no exhaust gas. XSR provides a maximum acceleration value regardless of propulsion revolution of the yacht’s speed by optimizing all kinds of propulsion scenarios. XSR offers an efficient and powerful cruise with the highest manoeuvrability.

The yacht has four cabins on the lower deck. The master takes full advantage of the amidships full beam. Aft, the large full-beam VIP cabin has a double berth with his & her vanities. Between the master and VIP staterooms, you will find mirror-image ensuite twin cabins. Crew quarters in the bow, accessed from the pilothouse can accommodate five crews. The galley is in the crew quarter, which leaves all the space to the salon at the main deck with sliding-door access to both side decks. You can have pleasant days with both doors open and it is a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. This yacht also has a formal dining area adjoining the salon.