Project Name: Airbus A350 Rendering Concept

Interior Designer: Glenda Palacios & Julie Mandrell

Interior Stylist: Julie Mandrell

Associated Air Center were challenged to create an interior that intrigued audiences as well as captured the height and space of this new aircraft. The use of other design principles as well as bold additions of colour really create a space that transcends the norm in the aircraft industry.

This project was a collaborative effort between the design and engineering teams at AAC.  The intent was to create an interior that followed form and function.  While combining hospitality and residential elements as well aircraft principles they were able to create a space that defines modern luxury.  From smoked mirrored tiles and bespoke hardware to 3D printed, plated fretwork and thoughtful expressions of colour and texture the A350 frame is highlighted from floor to ceiling. IRIS 3D are the designers that made this interior look like a photograph and give a realistic feel to this concept. The living area design is particularly in trend with the use of beiges and bronzes with the odd scattering of purple hues which add a vibrant feel to the space. This seamless design creates a dual use for the space whether the customers want to relax or work, they can enjoy both worlds.

Associated Air Center opened their design center in June 2012, with a focus on state of the art VIP custom interior designs. The center serves as the introduction point for Associated Air Center’s customers to delve into the design process to create their custom aircraft interiors on-site in Dallas. The clients preferred tastes are always adhered to as they work closely with the team to ensure their own style is brought into the design – this is the perfect way to express unique personalities through custom interiors.