Project Name: Aouda 63

Date Completed: November 2016

Interior Designer: Hot Lab Yacht Design

A balanced, true explorer vessel with masculine exterior design and an incredibly original, organic, warm yet luxurious interior. Sharp and elegant proportions designed from architectural and functional concepts: a true way of being an explorer vessel with a strong contrast between functionality and pure forms of beauty. Inspired by the military vessels’ elements, it translates them into new modern design features, while some other details are typical of a modern motor yacht, such as the master suite volume, completely dedicated to the owner, offer him the entire foredeck for his exclusive use. Huge exterior spaces and quite different use of the interior decks: this is what Aouda is all about. The yacht has large VIP cabins, extremely spacious crew spaces and has space to host two 7.5 to 8m tenders and a 6m rescue plus an incredible number of smaller toys. Even more comes from the extra features which this yacht may provide:  a fully usable helicopter landing area and one ‘al fresco’ type of Spa area in the bridge deck.

The interior design gives more space to the dreamlike aspect of the human mind, smooth whitish and golden tones are predominant, with just a few accents of dark-brown glossy ebony surfaces.  The real soul of this yacht comes out, being fully absorbed by the surrounding environment, such as using patterns on walls and on flat panels to recall the ocean reefs just beneath the surface, the glossiness of all white ceilings perfectly mirrors the outside blue tones of sea and sky. The design surprises in every detail providing all the necessary and custom requirements at this range.  It’s a yacht that can navigate in any with design elements that elevate it from an explorer vessel to a true contemporary yacht.  Steel details, toys, cosy interiors, and spacious cabins: aspects which culminate in a spectacular project.

This project has been imagined as a whole, the exterior and interior gel together their contrapositions in a smooth and soft way creating a natural dialogue with each other. The key has been developing the yacht not from the outside in, or from the inside out, but together, at the same time, following a completely opposite yet perfectly balanced design. The exterior design succeeds in being strong and light at the same time, with its pure geometric surface treatment and its colours, making the yacht integrate with the surroundings perfectly and giving the true feeling that it is an ‘object’ that belongs to the sea.