Project Name: Aquarius

Date Completed: June 2016

Interior Designer: Autoban

Contractor: Mengi Yay Yachts

Autoban responds sensitively and with fresh eyes to every client’s project, seeking to understand its history and shape its future without assumption or replication. Autoban celebrate form: they are fascinated by uncommon materials, and common materials used in uncommon ways. They skilfully and instinctively push materials to reveal their full potential. Autoban enhance function, they design for people and for the enjoyment of the environment that comes from its efficient and intelligent design. Autoban’s cardinal rules are to design a functional space which will inspire its inhabitants. Autoban creates characterful designs that imprint themselves on the people who enjoy them, and spaces that foster memorable interactions between users.

Autoban’s combination of light and dark wood with beige hues give the interior a contemporary classic feel. This is starkly contrasted with the ultra-modern style of the main bathroom, here Autoban have kept it simple black and white with an ornate marble effect over the walls and the floors making the entire room feel luxurious. The main salon benefits from the large windows, allowing natural light to flood the room and further enhance the cosy, warm feeling that Autoban have created in this space. On the upper deck, Autoban have created the ultimate luxury of having a hot tub near the bow of the yacht – this is strategically placed next to a screen where the inhabitants can play their favourite films and truly entertain their guests.

Autoban’s favourite aspect of the project was the generous interior spaces that they were given, this allowed them to create an inner shell which served as the foundation of the design. The design works because every single item and detail is custom designed for the client by taking into account his lifestyle and way of living. Autoban was founded by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar in 2003, they are an internationally renowned firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. Their works range from architectural design, interior design and product design.