Name: Bacchus
Submitted by: SadusLuxury

The design of this piece takes its inspiration from Ancient mythology. Aptly named Bacchus, after the Roman god of wine its shapes emulate the wooden barrels in which the nectar of Gods was collected. With an avant-garde construction inspired by old traditions, inside the sideboard features 4 Palisander wooden drawers all finished with different coloured painted glass fronts. The exterior is covered with polished stainless steel and fronted again with beautiful Palisander wood, finished in a high gloss varnish.

The interior of the Cabinet is painted in black in high gloss again which gives the piece its luxurious feel. As a limited edition piece it is unique. Customers can change every aspect of the designs aesthetic, making it an all the more exclusive and luxurious item to have in the home. The visual impact of this piece is dramatic, the juxtaposition in materials and the sculptural qualities work together and give it a strong visual presence within an interior