Project Name: Beyond

Name of Aircraft: Bombardier Global 5000

Interior Designer: MAG Design Studio

Beyond is a concept made up of contrasts, giving a sense of dynamism and movement. The cabin interior is made up of soft clean shapes, of extremely comfortable items. The minimalistic and essential style of the interior, the paced black and white areas of finishing, the horizontal cuts: all concurs to an environment where silence and well-being is perceived through design and materials.

An interior concept for the Bombardier Global 5000, MAG Design Studio key words for their design brief were silence and moment. A silent trip beyond borders, beyond travel. As in every MAG Design Studio project, all decorative elements and all customizable cabin items are perfectly integrated with emerging technology; an electrically operated monitor is integrated in the cabinetry and operated via the entertainment system. The in-flight entertainment system has an advanced graphic user interface, projects onto the cabin sidewalls thanks to a combined laser and infrared technology: both command icons and a qwerty keyboard can be projected. The PSU is illuminated with a special pattern, which can also be found on other customizable cabin items.

Can traveling be both exciting and relaxing at the same time? In this concept, MAG Design Studio investigates ways of stimulating the eye and soul whilst embracing the passenger in a shaped silence. The achievement is a final design which is dynamic and stimulating, but at the same time contains highly comfortable items. When flying, passengers want to feel secure. They want to arrive to their destination rested even after a ten-hour flight. The design will help to perceive the well-being in an environment where silence is perceived through minimalism.