Project Name: M/Y Destiny

Date Completed: 24th May 2016

Interior Designer: Laura Pomponi – Luxury Projects

Modern and minimalistic are the key words to describe the interior design of M/Y Destiny – where light and functionality are perfectly balanced. From the first briefing, the architecture and design of the yacht focused on the efficiency of the use of space, creating ambient environments to live in and making the yacht feel more spacious – a new yacht to really enjoy at all times and in all spaces. The salon, in particular, shows the incredible dimensions of space for this size of yacht. The cosy salon with the relaxed aft area as well as the custom lounge sofa opposite the new large television, in conjunction with the new outdoor seating area, shows how Luxury Projects have created continuity from outdoor to indoor.

The new innovative lighting system is another key aspect of M/Y Destiny, making the difference in the perception of spaces and surfaces. The client stated: “From all this experience, the best thing was the shock I had when I first saw the job done. I fell in love with Destiny the second I walked into her main deck lounge, not only the work and craftsmanship was perfectly done but specifically how Luxury Projects made the perfect use of each and every room and made everything look so extremely beautiful and useful at the same time”.

Luxury Projects stated that with the owners’ team on their side, anything was possible. With no time to waste, the LP team translated the conceptual design into work drawings and contractors and suppliers were assigned to the job with immediate effect. The owners trusted LP with the outsourcing, the on-site management and design choices. As such, they were able to run the project in an astonishing time frame within the planned budget with spectacular results and quality. The client explained that “working with Luxury Projects Studio has been the best experience we have ever had in all the years working with many other decorators and designers. Laura and her team were always ready to listen to anything we had to say, ready to give us the proper time and discuss our ideas. Luxury Projects would offer us all possible options before we decided how to finalise any area on our boat.” Luxury Projects believe that it is always a great creative effort to allow innovative design concepts to be neatly integrated in a new interior, with Destiny being a fantastic example of the possible results.