Project name: Global Express

Date Completed: July 18th 2016

Interior Designer: Joost Wulffraat

Interior Stylist: Joost Wulffraat

The challenge in this project was to maximize the inner space and style of the Bombardier Global Express, while maintaining structural provisions and avoiding certification issues. Entering the Galley/hallway gives you a feeling of open space and luxury. The simple and functional style combined with high-end materials give the hallway a rich feeling, representing the indulgent design element of the jet interior.

The interior is designed to be shared and intensely welcoming for the owner and their guests. The seats offer unmatched comfort and elegance so that any journey would be a relaxing experience. This design provides your own exceptional space, tailored for the ultimate passenger experience. By integrating monuments and using simple dynamic clean lines the cabin feels spacious. The horizontal and vertical lines emphasize the main cabin dimensions. Every inch of space and every design detail is set in an integrated whole of form, colour and material. Throughout the jet cabin a wide range of materials can be selected to customize the interior. In this design, a combination of ultra-leather and high-end woods adorn portions of the walls and furniture, highlighted by colour-coordinated silk-inlaid carpeting covering the floor.  The soft leather hugs the chairs, while gold plating adorns the fixtures.

The aft cabin zones define your own private space an area where you can work, dine or relax. Although optional, this private cabin zone can be your own private bedroom with a luxurious bed. The gentle lighting generates a roomy spacious feel while providing soft, indirect lighting for reading. The aft Lavatory design is based upon existing structural and system provisions. The simple continuous lines generate a spacious modern luxurious look and feel.