Project Name: Limitless Boeing 787-9

Date Completed: May 2016

Interior Designer: Jet Aviation Basel Design Studio

Interior Stylist: Ms. Elisabeth Harvey

The Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350 Limitless were designed for a Middle Eastern client– with an interior that was far from classic. Traditional geometric shapes and tessellating patterns were to be integrated throughout, but re-interpreted in a new, modern way. Classic materials had to be combined with innovative new fabrics and furnishings, crafting an interior that was both a comfortable and beautiful home – and a working business space. Inspiration came from residential design, contemporary but liveable, comfortable but aircraft compliant.

Every design that the Studio works on is envisaged with the aircraft in mind. This means a full understanding of, and respect for, all certification and engineering requirements, designing within these parameters from the outset. As a Design Studio within a Completion Centre, Jet Aviation has 40 years of experience with these requirements, and direct access to engineering and certification teams. For the Limitless project, it was the first time the design was conceived directly alongside the Engineering process, the teams working together to create an accurate 3D visual representation of a working VIP aircraft interior.

The final design was a harmonious interaction between validated engineering specification and visionary design. The traditional angular shapes of Arabic architecture were integrated into modern screens separating the Master bedroom and dressing room, and the guest dining and lounge spaces. Either transparent or translucent, they provided both decoration and privacy, a 21st-centruy solution inspired by ancient design.

The layout was required to accommodate both private a guest spaces, with room to relax and work within the same flight. At the front of the aircraft, a master suite comprised of bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, while aft, a guest space incorporated dining, cinema and work spaces. The latest technology was seamlessly flowed into the design, from induction chargers in the nightstands to a digitalized library. And for the ultimate relaxation after closing a deal, a personalized cigar humidor was inserted.

The client had requested a classic design with a contemporary twist, and this brief was in evidence throughout the aircraft. Traditional wood veneer was contrasted with a textured leather weave on the sideboards, while a deep pile carpet featured metallic loops, a subtle shimmer that represented a completely new interpretation of traditional metal plating. The brief was for something that felt like a home and office, seamlessly integrated with the latest amenities and technologies; induction chargers, a digital library, a cigar humidor and a private cinema – 30,000 feet in the sky. A beautiful blend of classic and contemporary, traditional geometric motifs were reimagined as translucent screens, while a deep pile carpet shimmered with subtle metallic loops.