Project Name: MY NERO

Date Completed: 20th November 2016

Project Management: Bluewater

Interior Designer: Luxury Projects

Interior Stylist: Laura Pomponi

Contemporary classic elegance are the key words for this amazing 90m vessel. MY NERO, inspired by the ‘Corsair’ series of yachts, owned in the start of the 20th century, offers all the toys and comforts of a modern yacht. Following the owners’ brief, requesting to maintain the traditional look of the interiors of the vessel, Luxury Projects’ aim was to refresh the style providing a more contemporary feel, with no high gloss surfaces while enhancing the classic features of the yacht. It was an extreme challenge which required meticulous work and detailing throughout the yacht, including structural modifications in the boat deck lounge, with the addition of a new bar, coffee station and cocktail bar, and to improve the functionality and the flow of the boat, in order to allow guests to receive a more fluid service.

Luxury Projects also had the task of installing a 7th guest cabin in place of the boat deck lounge replacing the office, allowing more flexibility with guest sleeping arrangements. One major aim of the project was to meet the high standards of the owner’s requirements while on board and the demands and functionality of chartering. Changing every single decorative element on board like lighting, fabrics, accessories, and art to strike a balance between the old and new and at the same time create a more appealing, yet cohesive feel. All material selection was made with the charter functional aspects in mind. New design accents were added throughout the whole of NERO, in order to be more inviting to the kind of contemporary charter clients that are always on board.

The intricate process and the complexity in addition of new colours, details, lighting, decoration and wall-art to stunning new-limed oak woodwork finish throughout the yacht were the key aspects of the project. Matt finishes in contrast with the new-chromed fixtures, accessories, and lights, helped to create the contemporary luxury style in line with the key objective of this refit project. Balancing classic lines and modern art, accessories and lighting were the most challenging aspects of the design of this yacht. The new style of MY NERO has also been achieved thanks to a complete overhaul of the lighting, from halogen to LED, contributing to a new effect of the wood panelling colour. Modern art and classic frames offer an amazing contrast with the innovative metal wall art pieces.

Outdoor seating areas were increased to cater for more guests. This makes entertaining more fluid and befits the number of guests usually chartering. The merging of contemporary luxury and true custom design details, balanced with the original classical theme of the yacht is a true work of art. The new style and format makes entertaining more fluid and befits the number of guests usually chartering. The owners have stated, “We are all so very pleased with the end result. Our boat has maintained her beauty elegance poise and atmosphere, however, with Luxury Projects’ magical touch she has become even more elegant and definitely more inviting.”