Project Name: Niki Lauda’s Global Business Jet

Interior Designer: Hannes Rausch & Veronique Ferrari

The objective for Mr. Lauda’s new business jet was to design a unique, masculine aircraft with universal appeal. Classic pinstripe and hounds tooth patterns – men’s wardrobe staples – were used throughout the aircraft. While Mr. Lauda dresses quite casually, and does not typically wear suits, this design is a reflection of his alter ego, which stems from his family’s background in banking.

According to Mr. Rausch, Mr. Lauda’s personal designer, the greater amount of light that enters the cabin through the Global 7000 aircraft’s larger windows allowed the designers to use darker materials for both the veneer and fabric applications. It also allowed them to play with reflection and direction of light throughout the cabin. For this particular project, the new fourth distinct living area offered the opportunity to design a stateroom with a slightly different look and material application while maintaining the elegant design that the customer is accustomed to on his other aircraft. The customer can rest and relax in the stateroom when he is not piloting the aircraft and use the remainder of the cabin for his business activities.

The veneer species that was selected is both eye catching and elegant, and combined with its multi-directional application ‎throughout, is a unique feature in the cabin. They not only applied it on the monuments but because of its elegance, Hannes found it essential to apply it to the galley flooring and in both lavatories. Nevertheless, because of the veneer’s intricate pattern, they took a minimalist approach to the rest of the cabin by working with the same fabrics on many applications. Although it has some very unique features, the aircraft has a classic interior that will remain timeless. Mr. Lauda really loved his current Global 6000 aircraft interior. The new Global 7000 business jet design is a perfect transition from his current aircraft. Mr. Lauda is a wonderful ambassador for both the aviation and design industries – working with him was a very pleasant experience for everyone at Bombardier.