Project Name: A85S

Date Completed: August 2016

Interior Designer: Arcadia Yachts Style Department

Interior Stylist: Arcadia Yachts Style Department

Arcadia 85S is designed to be a family yacht, which combines different exterior functions over two decks, giving guests more possibility to spend time together. The interiors profit from the advanced aesthetic sensation of “open space” and closer contact with nature thanks to the full floor to ceiling windows.

The layout and the functional living concepts of Arcadia 85S are the result of a construction evolution: the linear design of the superstructure and the vertical line of the bow provide a better use of all the available internal and external space. The living capacity is also wider than other yachts of the same size. The uniqueness of Arcadia’s project is finding in the design solution to integrate solar panels into a yacht with navigation performance.

Arcadia 85S hull #1 has improved her soundproofing capacity index, replacing the PVC, for the fore part of the hull, with Balsa core sandwich structure. The advanced semi-planing hull which allows efficient performances together with the very light superstructure in aluminium significantly reduces weight and fuel consumption and related running costs of its low power engines.

Arcadia 85S features on this special edition the new sky lounge concept, convertible into a sheltered third-deck, completely closed and protected by 360 degree openable windows that can be raised up to meet the hard-top, similar to what you’d see with a convertible car. The whole upper deck area then becomes much more flexible and usable in any weather condition, being air conditioned in very hot climes or bad weather, or left open and aired if needed, as per any traditional sky-lounge. The third deck is fitted with the wheelhouse, a lounge with sofas and coffee tables, wet-bar and, externally in the aft, a sun deck.

The key idea was to improve the living space of the A85 project and increasing at the same time the convertible use of the sky lounge area. The sky lounge can convert into a fully open / fully closed area to profit from the natural sea breeze during summer and at the same time, let the captain or the owner use this area during cooler days thanks to the AC system. Delivering a natural and immersive experience is part of the ARCADIA brand philosophy with a clear will to let people on board really feel the environment with sight, olfaction and touching the natural breath of the sea.