Date Completed: April 2016

Designer: Nick Deardon

SPA Interiors were tasked with creating a computer controlled expanding table in Teak, Burr Chestnut and Stainless Steel. The table had to combine the beautiful wooden properties on the outside and a stunning piece of engineering on the inside.

The design brief given to SPA Interiors was to produce a table that could sit 8 people whilst it was closed and up to 16 when it was expanded. The table had to occupy a minimum amount of space in the day but sit a large dinner party in the evening. The table was required to be ‘an experience’ for the guests and a show piece for the vessel.

The specialist skills that were involved in the making of the project include good old fashioned engineering skills born out of logical thought and experience. These skills were blended with computer technology encased within hand crafted joinery and specialist veneering utilising modern materials such as honeycomb aluminium, 16 coats of lacquer and hand burnished to a piano finish. All production was undertaken at SPA Interiors factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

SPA Interiors certainly fulfilled the brief that they were given and delighted the client so much so that the table was relocated to his home in Lake Lugarno so more people could experience it.