Date Completed: Summer 2016

Interior Designer: Michela Reverberi

Interior Stylist: Michela Reverberi

The owner of the project has a property in Tuscany, where they also operate a business that locally produces wine and oil from the region. Due to the strong affiliations between its owner and location, it comes as no surprise that in creating this project it was essential that the vessel evoked the characteristic elements of the area of Tuscany throughout. The project was conceived from the owner’s desire to build a boat that embodied the natural, countryside related features of the region alongside its new habitat out at sea.

Considering the difference between the two natural elements and the casualness of the combination between the two, the project undoubtedly imposed a great challenge. In tackling such an issue, the designer felt it was imperative to not  highlight the overwhelming differences between land and sea but rather explore the idea of ways in which the two could both could live in coexistence.

A great amount of work has been put in place to discover imaginative and respectful ways of approaching this project. The designer found key research into the areas of the marine world and the current cultural aesthetics of Tuscany’s country life was vital in allowing a configuration rather than any form of distortion between the two. The design started from the choice of atypical elements to be used, by identifying a few of them the designer was able to maintain and ensure a highly significant meaning. From the wine glasses and the drink they are used for, alongside the grape and vine leaved patterns of furniture, to the finishing of a range of full colours depicting different seasons, earth and sky, all provided essential characteristics to form a constitution between two giant protagonists of nature.

Some elements have been used studying their movement, and not according to a merely reproductive representation. Looking for the suggestion that the stylized image proposition can provide: the wall of the staircase contains it in itself, in the pattern and colours of the representation of the movement of the wine in the glass, that was exasperated to became a marine wave. Without limits and barriers, without provocation, the challenge had been accepted. Free from contamination, with liberty and without any prejudices, all available elements have been used, either natural and technical, to create this unification of one beautiful entity.