Product name: Wood for the Bathroom Collection

Submitted by: Eva Mechler

The Wood for the Bathroom Collection is created from solid hardwood that can be placed in a bathroom, spa, or sleeping area, and that with proper care is practical for decades and suitable for everyday use. The pieces are crafted to be an everyday item of furniture that the owner may take with them when they move home. They are suitable for all climates and geographical locations and are suitable to be installed just about anywhere, be it yachts, homes, hotels or corporate hospitality suites.

The bathtub illustrated is constructed from solid American walnut (black walnut). The bathtub forms part of the collection that is made to order in collaboration with clients using, if requested, other choices of wood with different characteristics of grain and colour. Eva commented “I personally prefer the choices of black walnut, sweet chestnut, and ash. Each pieces are unique and vary in their intensity of colour and each have a grain structure that I think works best with my design”.

An Eva Mechler bath will last 20 years or more with appropriate care, similar to a conventional bath. “I am a Partner of Wood Forever Pact at Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. My suppliers are very aware of my demand for integrity in the supply chain and this is a learning journey for us both. For the yachting sector, which strives for excellence and which is already involved in environmental efforts, this is also a way of ensuring that no wood from illegal logging is used” – Eva Mechler