Project name: Octaspring Aircraft Seat

Date Completed: 18 September 2019

Designer: Vanema


Octaspring Aircraft seats designed by Vanema are an innovative lightweight comfort solution for the conventional aircraft seats. Powered by Octaspring Aerospace technology, Vanema have created a sitting experience that is a notch above the rest. Through dozens of individual comfort points, ergonomic zoning and naturally 8X better breathability Vanema have managed to shave off up to 30% of its weight, which directly contributes to lowering CO2 emissions in-flight and on ground.

Octaspring® uses individually placed, eight-sided foam springs that move 3-dimensionally to evenly distribute body weight across the entire seat surface. In effect, this alleviates pressure points and improves passenger comfort on both short and long-haul flights. The technology is used to create individual support points – unlike the rigid, uniform blocks of foam that fly on today’s planes – and can be manufactured in varying firmness, allowing for the creation of unique zones without additional costs.

Through custom zoning in the seat cushion and backrest, Octaspring® produces a truly ergonomic experience – a seat that adjusts to body weight, rather than a seat that your body must conform to. The individual comfort points alleviates pressure points and improves circulation.  The general lack of innovations in the aircraft seat industry has led to possible health related issues of using inappropriate, unsuitable sitting & sleeping solutions. Majority of companies claiming to deliver high-tech sleep products have been able to only combine existing foam material – which have one-dimensional support and are not able to provide fully ergonomic support.