Photography: 8183 Productions

Textron Aviation has unveiled the future of innovation with the Cessna® Citation AscendÔ, a pinnacle of productivity and a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovative aircraft solutions.

The Citation AscendÔ jet is the result of intentional listening, with valuable insights garnered from dedicated Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings. The desire for a fully customizable interior and a revolutionary business aircraft echoed through customer feedback, laying the foundation for the Citation AscendÔ.

At the heart of this innovation is the convergence of technology and comfort in the cabin. It stands out as the first Citation® jet with customizable floor configurations and seat cushion firmness. Textron Aviation prioritises passenger comfort, offering options between flat floor and dropped aisle designs. The flat floor design ensures consistent floor height, facilitating easy seat swivelling and leg stretching. The ergonomic seat design, with three levels of cushion firmness, can be further tailored with optional leg rests and lumbar support.

The aircraft’s ambiance can be heightened with additional customizations, including the optional Bongiovi® cabin sound system—an industry-first speakerless system for immersive audio. Passengers can control the cabin environment, connect wireless devices to the cabin management system, and enjoy music or movies at their convenience.

The Citation AscendÔ jet boasts nearly 15 percent larger windows, flooding the cabin with natural light. Passengers can control shade settings from their seats or personal devices, with optional lighted window rings adding extra brightness. Quiet cabin technology ensures a peaceful atmosphere, allowing passengers to focus on business matters or enjoy the journey.

For connectivity, the aircraft offers US domestic or optional worldwide connectivity, wireless smartphone charging, and USB-C ports throughout the cabin. The flight deck is equipped with Garmin® G5000® avionics, featuring the latest software and hardware, and standard autothrottles for reduced pilot workload.

With the Citation AscendÔ jet, Textron Aviation delivers more than a means of reaching destinations—it elevates business to new heights, offering a personalized and unmatched experience in the sky. Success, both business and personal, finds a partner in this exceptional jet, where every moment becomes a unique journey.