Interior Designer: Katharine Pooley Ltd

Renowned worldwide for their exquisite interior design and architectural creations, Katharine Pooley Studio has once again captured hearts with their latest marine design venture: a stunning 62-meter motor yacht. Drawing inspiration from the rich history and vibrant hues of the Tuscan landscape, this contemporary masterpiece stands as a testament to luxury and sophistication on the open seas.

Crafted for a discerning client whose Italian country retreat and vineyard provided the muse, this yacht transcends mere luxury and emerges as a seamless extension of the client’s lifestyle. With sleek textural surfaces, refined materials, and classical motifs infused with modern sensibilities, the interior exudes elegance at every turn. Katharine Pooley’s design ethos shines through, marrying comfort and functionality to cater to multi-generational use, a vital consideration for the family based on the East Coast of the United States.

Central to the design philosophy is the integration of wellness and activities at sea, ensuring year-round enjoyment. The beach club, a pinnacle of luxury, opens to the sea with exquisite views and features a lavish bar, lounge, and jacuzzi. An adjacent wellness area beckons with a steam shower and hammam, while a fully equipped gym offers panoramic sea vistas. The tender garage, located nearby, stands ready to house multiple tenders, jet skis, and water toys, ensuring endless entertainment options.

Both inside and out, the yacht boasts entertainment areas designed to captivate. An outdoor cinema on the main deck promises enchanting evenings under the stars, while meticulously curated spaces flow seamlessly, adorned with exquisite art, home accessories, and sumptuous fabrics. The colour palette, inspired by nature, infuses the interiors with warmth and tranquility, while precise detailing and bespoke craftsmanship elevate the design to unparalleled heights.

Every facet of this remarkable yacht interior has been meticulously crafted to fulfil the client’s exacting vision. Katharine Pooley and her team have spared no effort in delivering a design that is not just beautiful and comfortable but also bespoke and precisely tailored. As the Katharine Pooley Studio continues to redefine luxury living, this yacht interior stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in design.