Exterior Designer/Naval Architect: Murat Cengiz Architects

Interior Designer: Murat Cengiz Architects

Shipyard/ Completion Centre: KRM Yacht – Istanbul

Photography: Pozitif Studio – Etkin Gürel

Murat Cengiz Architects took on the transformation of the Newal, formerly known as Eflin, a revered 1980s Heesen Yacht. Their vision centered on redefining the vessel’s essence while honouring its Heesen legacy. The objective was clear: a seamless fusion of classic allure and contemporary opulence, setting an unprecedented standard in maritime rejuvenation.

The project was a comprehensive refit, a meticulous overhaul from bow to stern. Every facet was reimagined under the skilled hands of Murat Cengiz Architects. The hardtop underwent a stunning makeover, the vessel extended ingeniously, and the living area ceiling underwent a daring metamorphosis, redefining space and ambiance. Stripping the interiors bare, the team introduced a design ethos that harmonised timeless sophistication with modern allure, a true testament to their design finesse.

Technological advancements were seamlessly integrated. Every piece of equipment underwent a complete overhaul to meet the demands of contemporary seafaring, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising on elegance.

The standout feature of the Newal’s refit was the transformative redesign—particularly the reimagined boat tail, the vessel’s extension, and the meticulous reconstruction of the living area’s ceiling. These enhancements not only elevated aesthetics but also accentuated the inherent Heesen character, breathing new life into its timeless elegance.

Murat Cengiz Architects achieved a delicate equilibrium between classic charm and cutting-edge functionality. The refit offers an everlasting, sumptuous experience on the waves, marrying transformative design elements with state-of-the-art technology for peak performance.

Preserving the yacht’s original craftsmanship was paramount, a feat accomplished through the expertise of skilled artisans. Their partnership with marine engineering and interior design specialists, coupled with innovative material application, cemented the project’s success.

In essence, the Newal’s refit epitomises Murat Cengiz Architects’ unwavering commitment to maritime heritage preservation fused with visionary innovation. The harmonious convergence of classic elements with modern design is a testament to their dedication in crafting vessels that stand as enduring icons of excellence. Their relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of yacht design ensures a legacy that sails through time, shaping the future of maritime grandeur.