Designer: A Rum Fellow

Photography: Natalie Dinham

The Pepenado collection presents an exciting new artisanal technique to A RUM FELLOW’s handwoven fabric collection. The Pepenado technique introduces graphic icons which are meticulously threaded in between the warp threads directly onto the loom. The textural embroidered icons add a floating dimension to the designs enhancing the propulsive beauty of these masterfully handwoven fabrics.

The collection represents an extraordinary intimacy between the artisan and cloth in which their feet lift the shafts, powerful arms propel the shuttle, and dexterous fingers interlace threads between warp yarns to create the icons. Pepenado consists of two designs available in four colourways each. The layering of weaving techniques and shades of colour creates a collection full of vibrancy in which soft tones are enriched with rich pop hues. The Pepenado collection celebrates artisanal weaving skills with designs that are uplifting and cheery with a generous slice of sophistication.

The tactile fabric is masterfully woven on a timber frame floor loom by A Rum Fellow’s indigenous master weavers in Guatemala. The icons are skilfully hand placed between the warp threads whilst the fabric is woven on the loom creating a rich tactile cloth.

A Rum Fellow’s favourite design piece is called Fable, inspired by storytelling and tradition. The product is an intricate plaid design which takes a familiar pattern in a refreshing new direction in which embroidered icons combine with patterned woven checks and traditional horizontal lines are realised in diamond patterned weave. The playful icons dance across the fabric adding an organic element to compliment the structure of the check. All these detail elements combine to create a richly layered handwoven plaid fabric with a contemporary twist.

Colours: Fjord, Dune, Glade, Alpine