Design Partner: Acumen Design Associates

Unum Aircraft Seating introduces a revolutionary new cabin design, setting a new standard for passenger comfort and luxury in both commercial and private jet travel. The company’s latest creation, the Unum One seat, represents the culmination of extensive research, innovative design, and collaborative effort with industry partners.

Driven by a commitment to deliver superior comfort and address the shortcomings of existing seating designs, Unum partnered with Acumen Design Associates to develop a herringbone seat that prioritises passenger-centric features while meeting the diverse needs of airlines and private jet operators.

The Unum One seat boasts a range of innovative features aimed at enhancing the passenger experience. At its core is the patented Scimitar Seat mechanism, which offers full lie-flat capability and direct aisle access, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for travellers. The unique kinematic design allows for infinite adjustability, catering to passengers of all shapes and sizes while promoting optimal musculoskeletal support and freedom of movement.

In addition to its ergonomic benefits, the Unum One seat is designed with sustainability in mind. With a focus on weight reduction and efficiency, the seat sets a new benchmark in the industry, weighing in at just 84kg per passenger place. This not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with seat production but also aligns with Unum’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Moreover, the seat’s modular design and use of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) ensure ease of maintenance and high seat availability rates for airlines. By allowing key components to be replaced on-wing during turnarounds, Unum enables airlines to minimise downtime and provide passengers with consistently comfortable seating options.

Throughout the development process, Unum prioritised collaboration and innovation, working closely with its design and manufacturing partners to ensure that the Unum One seat met rigorous standards of comfort, reliability, and performance. The result is a ground breaking cabin design that sets new benchmarks for luxury, refinement, and sustainability in air travel.