Interior Designer: Todd Anthony Design

Exterior Designer: Can Yalman

Naval Architect: Umberto Tagliavini

Shipyard: Numarine

In a marriage of ingenuity and luxury, Todd Anthony Design has masterfully crafted the interior of superyacht Evelyn P to encapsulate the essence of a much larger vessel. This superyacht, designed to redefine opulence, beckons guests into a realm of sophistication and comfort.

A standout feature of Evelyn P is the expansive main salon, boasting floor-to-ceiling glass panels that seamlessly blend with the sleek Italian mid-century bespoke furnishings. The colour palette, reminiscent of a tranquil spa, complements the light wood tones, creating an ambiance of serenity and relaxation. The use of glass strategically capitalizes on natural light, allowing the interiors to be bathed in a gentle, ethereal glow.

One remarkable aspect of Evelyn P is the enlarged hardtop that offers ample shade, enhancing the comfort of guests lounging on the generously sized flybridge. This elevated space hosts a sun pad connected to a central hot tub, presenting an idyllic setting to bask in the sun’s embrace. Additionally, the superyacht features a full-beam beach club aft, where guests can revel in luxury and comfort.

Accommodations on Evelyn P are equally lavish, with six spacious and luxuriously appointed staterooms that ensure a restful retreat for guests. For entertainment, a screening room features a remarkable 101-inch screen and a generous wrap-around sofa, providing the ideal setting to unwind and enjoy a movie.

The floating furniture design within the interior maximizes the usage of glass, affording panoramic views and lending an open, inviting aura to each space. This thoughtful layout caters to privacy, allowing guests to find their own tranquil corners while also providing the grandeur and spaciousness that one might expect on a much larger vessel.

Evelyn P epitomizes Todd Anthony Design’s dedication to creating spaces that harmonize luxury, comfort, and a sense of expansiveness. The interior design of this superyacht promises an unparalleled yachting experience, where every detail has been carefully curated to ensure an atmosphere of unrivalled elegance.