The Vale London has recently launched its latest creation, “Felix,” a stunning mural that marks the company’s first venture into Surrealism and bespoke wallcoverings. Immaculately hand-painted and hand-embroidered, Felix seamlessly bridges the realms of high fashion couture and home design.

In collaboration with Lala Curio, a Hong Kong-based home decor brand renowned for reviving ancient artisanship for modern interiors, The Vale presents a truly unique and personalized wallcovering. Felix depicts an illogically uplifting seascape with captivating elements such as Koi fish encapsulated in bubbles, children building sand pyramids in school uniforms, and a monkey perched atop a slice of grapefruit blowing bubbles from a conch shell. These fantastical scenes, including a floating llama carried away on a bundle of balloons, were inspired by the work of collage artists Mohanad Shuraideh and Joe Webb, aiming to spark immense joy in viewers.

Each panel of the Lala Curio for The Vale mural is exclusively made-to-order, hand-painted on pink Thai silk, and then meticulously hand-embroidered and beaded for added dimension and depth. The design process involved creative brainstorming and narrative development, envisioning how viewers would follow the story closely and uncover new and magical parts of the mural as they move around the room.

The Felix mural has already garnered enthusiastic responses from design professionals worldwide. Displayed at Deco Off in Paris, it stopped every designer in their tracks, evoking gasps of wonder as they inspected each part of the masterpiece. The mural’s ability to spark joy and captivate audiences makes it a true show-stopper.

As consumers seek to infuse their homes with joy and comfort, Felix becomes the perfect addition to any space. Its vibrancy, creativity, and energy bring people together, enlivening the atmosphere and sparking conversations. Especially as more people work from home and host gatherings in their living spaces, Felix’s visually engaging and inviting design brings a sense of joy and warmth to every room it adorns.

With Felix, The Vale London once again demonstrates its commitment to delivering unique and exceptional designs that elevate home interiors to new heights, capturing hearts and spreading delight with each masterpiece they create.