Interior Designer: The Wiseman Group Interior Design (TWG)

Exterior Designer: The Wiseman Group Interior Design (TWG) / Vripack

Photography: Roger Davies

The Wiseman Group breathed new life into a rugged expedition vessel that can navigate virtually anywhere in the world. Originally a Dutch Naval pilot boat, the refit journey transformed it into an elegant and versatile yacht named ‘Just B.’

Embracing the challenges posed by the yacht’s dual identity as both a sturdy expedition vessel and a comfortable home for its owners, The Wiseman Group embarked on a design philosophy that caters to all seasons and climates. The Scandinavian aesthetic emerged as the guiding principle, ensuring the interior remains inviting whether cooled with air conditioning or warmed by a wood-burning fireplace.

Inspired by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto’s timeless Villa Mairea house, the design incorporates vertical slat details and elongated windows to introduce a sense of airiness and verticality, effectively countering the yacht’s predominantly horizontal elements. The result is a harmonious fusion of comfort and style, perfectly adaptable to the polar ice fields or the sunny Polynesian islands.

The project’s highlights include the commanding bow and a wood-burning fireplace, both contributing to the yacht’s distinctive character. From an interiors perspective, the introduction of wood slats gave the vessel a modern and Scandinavian touch, a stark departure from its original dark mahogany-stained wood aesthetic.

Addressing the challenges of the yacht’s history as a refit, expedition vessel, and home, The Wiseman Group succeeded in creating a space that seamlessly transitions between diverse environments. The Main Salon redesign, particularly the transformation of windows into a more vertical orientation, exemplifies the commitment to versatility and a harmonious atmosphere.

Navigating the transition from a Dutch Naval pilot ship to its current identity as ‘Just B,’ this expedition yacht stands as a testament to The Wiseman Group’s expertise in marrying functionality with elegance, creating a space that reflects the owners’ taste and provides comfort in every corner of the globe.