Interior Designer: Carli Robinson Design

Shipyard: Oceanco

Refit Shipyard: La Ciotat Shipyard

Photography: Breed Media

Carli Robinson Design has recently completed an extensive 18-month interior overhaul on a remarkable Oceanco Superyacht, delivering a full-scale upgrade that redefines luxury at sea. The design firm injected distinctive elements throughout the vessel, creating a lavish ambiance that artfully combines coastal style with the timeless allure of the Hamptons.

The meticulous refurbishment targeted all six luxury guest cabins and general areas of the superyacht. Carli Robinson Design executed a comprehensive upgrade, introducing new soft furnishings, designer wallpapers, and exquisite marble and stone elements. The addition of fresh flooring breathed new life into the entire space, culminating in a luxurious environment that harmoniously marries coastal aesthetics with the enduring charm of the Hamptons.

The central focus of the project was to tailor the design to the owner’s specific requirements, ensuring that the space not only radiates opulence but also evokes a sense of homeliness. Inspired by the owner’s art collection, the design approach aimed to seamlessly complement the artwork. The result is a well-balanced and elegant interior where each element harmonizes to manifest a unique style resonating with the owner’s vision and lifestyle.

The master cabin, sprawling across the beam, stands as a testament to luxury, offering breathtaking views. It boasts a generously sized bathroom adorned with the finest onyx marble, a capacious hot tub accommodating up to 8 people, and a distinctive coffee table crafted from selenite slabs that beautifully illuminates when bathed in the right light.

The overall ambiance exudes a distinctive atmosphere with an abundance of textures, featuring luxurious leathers, suedes, and the finest carpets, marble, and wallpaper. Beyond aesthetics, the space incorporates a fully integrated system managing blinds, underfloor heating, AV, and AC for a seamless and comfortable experience.

Every space within the superyacht is designed to maximise the appreciation of surrounding views, allowing an abundance of natural light inside. Redesigned spaces include a complete overhaul of the outdoor gym, the addition of a jacuzzi pool on the sundeck with ample seating and lounging options to optimize the enjoyment of views, and enhancements of amenities in each area for optimal leisure.